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JUL.4 - AUG.22



The Largest Outdoor Movie Series in Canada.

Come and join Evo Car Share and Fresh Air Cinema for an unforgettable movie experience! Gather your friends and head to Stanley Park to enjoy watching your favourite films on a massive 40ft screen under the stunning night sky. It's an experience you won't forget!


General Seating is... FREE

Yes, you read that right.

We have 100% FREE space on the Grand Lawn at Ceperley Meadow with space for thousands of people every night. No reservations are required, first-come-first-serve seating, so come early! Bring your friends, a picnic blanket, or lawn chair and enjoy this memorable Vancouver summer tradition.

But only 200 seats available


Make the night truly unforgettable, or create the ultimate summer DATE-NIGHT! Upgrade your movie experience and receive a GUARANTEED SEAT in the exclusive VIP Zone. A front-row, reserved seat on one of our limited 200 comfy Adirondack cottage-style chairs.

Get your tickets before they sell out!

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Just $20 a Seat


Special Deals for VIP / limited supply

If you’re looking to make your experience even more memorable, we are proud to present our annual Dinner and a Movie promotion, in collaboration with the West End BIA. Seven amazing West End bring you the ultimate VIP movie-going experience.

Select the movie of your choice and simply call to make a reservation at the partner restaurant and you're set. After dinner, simply head to the park before showtime (dusk, all summer-long) and show your dinner reciept to the VIP check-in staff.

This is one of the best deals around and the perfect opportunity to support your favourite West End restaurants this summer.




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2000/PG/98 mins - Sunset 9:20pm


JUL 11

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2023/G/93 mins - Sunset 9:16pm

199/PG/93 mins - Sunset 9:16pm

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JUL 18


JUL 25

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1975/PG/124 mins - Sunset 9:02pm



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1998/PG/95 mins - Sunset 8:52pm



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1996/PG/118 mins - Sunset 8:41pm


AUG 15

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2001/G/90 mins - Sunset 8:29pm


AUG 22

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2003/PG/143 mins - Sunset 8:16pm



Every week on Wednesdays, The Nat & Drew Show will announce the next movie in the Evo Summer Cinema schedule for the following week. That Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, The Nat & Drew Show will give listeners the chance to win a VIP seat upgrades to the next week's movie! Be sure to listen to mornings on MOVE 103.5 FM for your chance to win!


What Time are the Movies?

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All movies start after sunset so that it's dark enough for a clear image on the screen. A good rule of thumb is "Sunset Time + 15mins". If you want a good seat, we recommend you arrive plenty early. If you don't feel like coming early to get a good seat, you might be interested in our limited VIP ZONE.

Where is it?

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Evo Summer Cinema Tuesdays will be located in Stanley Park at Ceperley Meadow / Second Beach in between the water and Stanley Park Drive.

Transit Directions

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TransLink's #19 bus will get you in to Stanley Park. The bus stops at: Stanley Park Drive and Pipeline Road near Lost Lagoon.

If you are taking the SeaBus to Vancouver, you can either take a short walk to transfer to the #19, or walk, bike or rollerblade along the waterfront Coal Harbour Route to Stanley Park. There is no public transit service around the park. Visit the TransLink website for more information.


Car Parking Outline

Buy hourly and daily passes at any parking meter in Stanley Park. Passes are good for any lot or space. If you take an Evo, there is special first come first serve free parking on North Lagoon Drive off Stanley Park Drive.

Are Dogs Allowed?

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Great question – we get asked this one a lot. We encourage guests not to bring their pets to shows for a variety of reasons: it’s frequently a long time for animals to sit and they get impatient while you watch a film – which could cause a disturbance for you and others around you; the sound levels and on-screen action may unduly frighten pets; and some guests that sit around you may not enjoy dogs as much as you and I do – that’s why we recommend leaving any pets at home AND PLEASE DON’T LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR. But – you best know your dog, so make your decisions accordingly.

Are These Shows For Kids?


Just like the dogs rule, the same goes for kids. Only you know your children, and only you know if they are patient enough to sit through an entire movie that may start after 9pm and sometimes end well after 11pm at night. Getting up and disturbing the guests around you in order to leave early because Junior is bored isn’t very cool.

All films screened in Stanley Park are rated either G or PG by the BC Film Classification Board. Officially, these are the Province of BC’s classification definitions, as detailed in the Motion Picture Act:

General (G) – The General category is determined to be suitable for viewing by persons of all ages, though it may contain limited coarse language, violence and the most innocent sexually suggestive scenes and nudity.

Parental Guidance (PG) – Films in this category are advised to be viewed with parental guidance, though it is not required. Some thematic elements or content may not be suitable for everyone. Some coarse language, violence, sexually suggestive scenes and nudity may occur.

Again, only you know your kids. Be sure to check the plot synopsis and rating before you arrive to determine if the evening’s show is right for you and your family. For more about the BC Film Classification Branch, please visit

What Should A Bring? What Should I Wear?

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Blankets, lawn chairs, coolers, flashlights, bank card, charged phone, summer gear for the warm days, something warm to bundle up in after sunset, shoes, suntan lotion, insect repellant, a hat and a big bag to take it all home with you at the end of the night.

Where’s The Bathroom?

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Before it gets too dark, be sure to know where to go when you gotta go. Identify where our washrooms are (at the east just up the hill past the playground with the fire truck, and to the west at the Second Beach Pool Concession Stand) and how to get there. You’ll thank us later.

What Happens If I Need First Aid?

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We’ve got you taken care of. There will be a certified first aid on site every Tuesday from 5pm to the end of the show.

Is It OK To Smoke At The Show?

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The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board have one of the strictest public smoking bans in the country – so don’t even think about lighting up. Smoking is prohibited EVERYWHERE – in the park, on the beach, on the roads… we mean everywhere. If the Park Rangers catch you, it’s an automatic $180 ticket. Why pay $180 at a FREE movie?!

And as for pot, while Vancouver’s attitudes towards weed are pretty liberal, it’s still sparking up just like a cigarette... which will get you a $180 fine.

Can I Save Spaces For My Friends?

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You drew the short straw, and so it’s your job to head over to Stanley Park to go spread out a blanket for you and your friends to watch the show from later in the evening. That’s cool – we’re good friends like that too. BUT – use your common sense, and try not to take up the entire park. We know Vancouver’s real estate is expensive, so our general rule for outdoor movie screening real estate is to use only enough space for you and your guests to lie down comfortably. Leave room for everyone else to find a spot. Use your brain and don’t think you can get away with reserving an entire section for pals who ‘might’ be coming. It’s rude to those who know our films are always popular and who make the effort to arrive early to get a prime spot.

Showing up to a party fashionably late is always a thing – but it doesn’t work like that with us. Arrive before sunset (between 6pm and 7pm is good to get a good seat on the lawn). Arriving after the show has started is really distracting to everyone else, and no matter how hard you look, you won’t find a seat right in the middle once the film is on the screen.

Think about using our VIP Zone to reserve your front row seat ahead of time instead.

Can I Bring My Lawn Chair?

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Sure – low profile lawn chairs are OK with us. We sometimes divide the park down the middle: one side for blankets, one side for lawn chairs. If we see signed, don’t go putting your lawn chair on the blanket side and be sure you aren’t obstructing anyone else’s views. Yoga mats and bean bag chairs are OK to bring, too.

Can I Dine At The Park?

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Absolutely! We have plenty of tasty food truck fare on site, a stocked Snack Bar, and there’s the Second Beach Pool Concession. Leave the BBQs at home. AND PLEASE – use our grey garbage cans for your trash and the yellow Encorp Pacific Return It Centre bins for recyclable bottles and cans. These bins are all around the park. DON’T LEAVE ANY TRASH ON THE GRAND LAWN.

Leaving The Park At The End Of The Night

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Help us be great neighbours to our friends and families living in the West End around Stanley Park by keeping the noise down as you leave. They have to work tomorrow so they’ve gotta get their rest too!

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